Jovanke Radaković 84b
11000 Beograd

Phone: 011/7857000



The private company Mass Company d.o.o. was founded in February 1993, with the goal of setting new standards in representation, trade, and partnership as a family company.

After nearly 30 years of business, the headquarters of MASS Company d.o.o. now spans 3000 m² of modern sales and educational space.

Over the years, with the growth and development of the company, there has been a need to expand our team. Initially consisting of 2 people, today, our team consists of 20 employees who, with their professionalism and service, ensure that all our partners feel equally respected and secure.

The tradition we have nurtured since the founding of the company is that the consumer is always at the center of attention. Our main goal is to offer them products of top quality and original origin, to meet their desires, requirements, and expectations. Thanks to their feedback, we can constantly improve our business.

The main orientation of the company is based on placing products of top quality from globally renowned companies, for which we have created the best positions in the market from the very beginning.

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