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Founded on January 26, 1990, Euroimpex has developed thoroughly and continuously as the first private company in Macedonia engaged in the automotive industry. Today, Euroimpex is the general importer and distributor of Opel and Peugeot brands for Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, and Albania. In Serbia and Montenegro, Euroimpex Autogroup operates as the daughter company for the Peugeot brand, headquartered in Belgrade, municipality of Palilula, at Višnjička 53A street, and for the Opel brand, Euroimpex Automotive operates.

Over the years, Euroimpex has developed stable business relationships with both principals and manufacturers, as well as with clients, as evidenced by the fact that the company now represents Peugeot and Opel brands in a market of over 14,500,000 inhabitants, which we are particularly proud of.

Our loyal clients include numerous individuals and legal entities in Serbia and Montenegro, especially in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Niš, Čačak, Zrenjanin, and Podgorica, where our authorized partners—sales and service centers—are located.

We take pride in Euroimpex Autogroup/Automotive and the team behind it. Challenges have marked our history, something we are very proud of. We have executed numerous projects for the brands we represent. However, for us, the most significant recognition is a satisfied client who chose to trust Euroimpex.

Our mission is: To retain loyal clients and attract new ones with the utmost dedication of our employees, high-level trust, impeccable service, and products of proven quality. Of course, we will not stop here and will justify the trust gained to mutual satisfaction because our vision is: With giant steps and a strategy for continuous growth and development towards the real goal—being a market leader.

INOTO MOTORS D.O.O. is the official and exclusive importer and distributor of MITSUBISHI MOTORS vehicles for Serbia and Montenegro since December 5, 2009.

The INOTO MOTORS team has successfully developed some of the world's most famous brands in our country and is committed to applying its rich experience to present MITSUBISHI MOTORS vehicles in the best light possible. The INOTO MOTORS showroom is located at Višnjička 53a in Belgrade and is actually the predecessor of a modern center with the latest Mitsubishi Motors standards in Europe that will be built in Belgrade.

The collaboration between Mitsubishi Motors and Inoto Motors did not happen quickly or easily. There were both difficult and joyful moments. Throughout the complex preparations and planning of business cooperation, we were sometimes impatient but also aware of our values. However, by building a relationship with Mitsubishi, we were also building ourselves. Now, as a company, we are in many ways different, and different for a reason, and we believe, more mature.

We can now say that we are proud to collaborate with Mitsubishi, considering that through the process of selecting a new distributor, we have become familiar with the company's structure, as well as the valuable business ethics that Mitsubishi nurtures and develops, with a tradition dating back to the company's founding.

The complexity of vehicle distribution poses challenges for every distributor, even in less crisis-prone times.

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