The members of the Association can be economic entities that meet the specified conditions, namely:

  • They have their headquarters in the Republic of Serbia,
  • They are registered for the sale of passenger motor vehicles, original spare parts, and additional equipment,
  • They have concluded a contract with the principal or manufacturer of passenger motor vehicles or parts for vehicle import.

If any of the economic entities do not meet the conditions, and it is a representative of a certain automotive brand, this economic entity is exceptionally allowed membership in the Association if it has the appropriate authorizations from all other representatives or importers of the respective brand.

Each brand can have only one member in the Association, hence one vote.

To apply for membership in the Association, the economic entity-candidate must submit a written Application for admission to the Association, along with:

  • Extract from the relevant register showing the business activity,
  • Copy of the contract or a certified proof of a valid contract with the principal (manufacturer),
  • Name of the person representing them in the Association,
  • Declaration accepting the Rules of Organization and Operation of the Association,
  • Confirmation of payment of the fee equal to the annual membership fee.

The application should be submitted electronically to the email address of the general secretary.

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