1. Market Improvement

Continuous efforts to improve the conditions in the market where all members operate. Providing free advice to members, collecting, processing, and delivering statistics, as well as market information of interest to the members.

2. Protection x 3

Protection of the rights and interests of members, protection of intellectual property, and environmental protection through monitoring the legal framework and active participation in dialogue with relevant institutions. Taking care of the professional level of activities related to passenger motor vehicles and parts, educating about environmental business conditions, and actively participating in reducing the harmful impact of vehicles on the environment.

3. Public Relations

Representation before state and other institutions on behalf of members and their interests, engagement with the media and other relevant publics, initiating social dialogue on issues crucial to business and impacting the community.

4. Exchange

Encouraging the exchange of opinions and experiences among members of the Association, government bodies and institutions, as well as other related associations and chambers both domestically and internationally. Collecting and facilitating the flow of professional and business information among members in accordance with their common interests.

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