The Serbian government, in its session on February 1st, adopted a regulation on the conditions and procedures for subsidized purchases of new fully electric vehicles. Today, the Ministry of Environmental Protection released detailed instructions on how to exercise this right.

The process consists of six "steps":

1. Submission of Request:
   - Submit the request in person at the ministry's front desk or by mail to the Ministry of Environmental Protection, Omladinskih brigada 1, Belgrade, with the label "Request for subsidizing the purchase of electric vehicles."

2. Processing by Relevant Services:
   - Relevant ministry services compile a file from the documentation submitted by the applicant. The Subsidy Implementation Commission then reviews this file.

3. Granting of Subsidy:
   - If the documentation is complete, the Commission issues a "Decision on granting the subsidy," and the recipient will be invited to personally pick up this document.

4. Submission of Decision to the Seller or Leasing Company:
   - The user provides this decision to the vehicle seller or leasing company, who prepares the financial documentation and submits it to the Ministry of Environmental Protection either in person or by mail to the aforementioned address.

5. Documentation for Financing:
   - Depending on whether the vehicle is purchased through financial leasing or directly from the car dealership, specific documentation needs to be provided. For financial leasing, this includes the leasing agreement, proof of fund transfer from the bank, and evidence of payment exceeding 15% of the vehicle's value. For direct purchase, it involves a proforma invoice, advance invoice, proof of fund transfer, and a sales contract.

6. Application Submission Period:
   - The request for subsidizing the purchase of an eco-friendly vehicle can be downloaded [HERE](URL). The application submission starts from February 12.

For the current year, the Serbian government has allocated 170 million dinars for subsidies exclusively for the purchase of electric vehicles. Subsidies are available to individuals, entrepreneurs, and legal entities, and applications can be submitted to the ministry from February 12 to October 31.

The amount of the subsidy depends on the type of vehicle:
- For the purchase of an electric moped or light tricycle, 250 euros in the equivalent amount in dinars.
- For electric motorcycles, motorcycles with a side seat, heavy tricycles, light and heavy quadricycles – 500 euros.
- For electric passenger vehicles with up to nine seating places and electric commercial vehicles with a maximum permissible weight of up to 3.5 tons, subsidies are 5,000 euros.

The Serbian Association of Vehicle and Parts Importers suggests that subsidies should also be granted for the purchase of plug-in hybrids.

Source: Ministry of Environmental Protection
Image: pexels.com