Notification of free service campaigns for vehicles is now also available during technical inspections.


The fruitful collaboration between the Serbian Association of Vehicle and Parts Importers and the Traffic Safety Agency of the Republic of Serbia, formalized by the signed Protocol of Cooperation between Acting Director Branko Stamatović of the Traffic Safety Agency and Aleksandra Đurđević, the president of the Serbian Association of Vehicle and Parts Importers, has brought another benefit for vehicle owners. This not only contributes to improving the services received by citizens of Serbia but also enhances traffic safety, which is one of the collaboration's priorities and an example of socially responsible behavior.


When vehicle manufacturers identify a potential issue with a specific type or series of produced vehicles, they declare a service campaign for certain vehicles that require preventive interventions. These campaigns are organized globally across all markets where manufacturers are present and can be related to vehicle safety (interventions in the steering system, suspension, vehicle control, etc.) or unrelated to vehicle safety (e.g., inadequate attachment of the emblem on the hood, etc.).


In practice, vehicles often change owners, and after such transactions, the importer's records may lack information about the new vehicle owner. This raises the question of how to inform these vehicle owners about ongoing service campaigns.


In the Republic of Serbia, this issue has been successfully addressed through a joint initiative by the Serbian Association of Vehicle and Parts Importers and the Traffic Safety Agency. The Association provides information to the Traffic Safety Agency once a month, which, through software, forwards these data to all technical inspection lines throughout the Republic of Serbia.


During the regular annual technical inspection of a vehicle, if there is information that the vehicle is subject to a service campaign, the inspectors print out a notification and hand it over to the vehicle owner. The owner is informed that there is an opportunity to perform a service campaign on the vehicle and that they should contact an authorized service center of the importer. The existence of the possibility to conduct a service campaign DOES NOT AFFECT the assessment of the vehicle's technical fitness, and the inspection continues smoothly.


The Serbian Association of Vehicle and Parts Importers and the Traffic Safety Agency remind citizens that addressing such issues, as declared by the manufacturer through the vehicle importer, is FREE OF CHARGE.