In order to achieve their common goals more quickly and efficiently and recognizing the need for data and information sharing, as well as education in the field of traffic safety, the Director of the Traffic Safety Agency, Branko Stamatović, and the President of the "Serbian Association of Vehicle Importers and Parts," Aleksandra Đurđević, signed a Protocol on Cooperation today.

The Protocol aims to enhance collaboration in the field of vehicle safety in traffic and the implementation of safety service campaigns (vehicle recall campaigns), the method of providing information about factory conditions of vehicles, the way of controlling the technical correctness of devices and equipment on vehicles of various makes and types, collaboration in the field of homologation and regulations related to the technical conditions of vehicles in traffic, cooperation and exchange of information and statistical data on the market and registered vehicles in Serbia, the testing methods for modified and imported vehicles, and information dissemination and joint participation in projects and events of mutual interest.

During the signing of the Cooperation Protocol, Branko Stamatović and Aleksandra Đurđević concluded that the citizens of the Republic of Serbia will derive the greatest benefit from signing this Agreement. They will have access to information on the need for the implementation of safety service campaigns during technical inspections. This means they will be informed about the possibilities for free service interventions on vehicles, which will be performed in authorized service centers in the Republic of Serbia.