The Assembly was attended by 22 out of 28 members of the Association, ensuring a quorum for decision-making.

The meeting was chaired by the Association's President, Miloš Petrović. Also present at the meeting were Board member Milan Vukasović and Secretary General Slobodan Nikolić.

After adopting the proposed agenda, the Assembly began its work.

Following a lengthy and comprehensive discussion, decisions were made by unanimous vote to elect:

Milan Belin, General Manager of Renault – Nissan Serbia, as the President of the Association.

The following individuals were elected as members of the Board:

- Aleksandra Djurdjević, CEO of Delta Motors, BMW, MINI, and HONDA
- Slobodan Pešić, Brand Manager AUDI-PORSHE SCG-AUDI
- Dušan Joksimović, Business Development Director of Star Import-MERCEDES BENZ
- Ediz Husović, After Sales Director of Toyota Serbia-TOYOTA
- Dušan Đurašević, General Manager of EURO SUMAR-SUZUKI
- Damjan Vasić, Owner of Trion Motors-HARLEY DAVIDSON

The Assembly unanimously decided to extend the mandate of Secretary General Slobodan Nikolić until September 1.

Before the start of the voting for the Association's organs, Milan Vukasović resigned from his position on the Board and as the president of the Group within the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia.
Dr. Miloš Petrović, Belgrade, June 2, 2020