The closer definition of conditions and mechanisms for granting subsidies to users of diesel vehicles with EURO 1, EURO 2, and EURO 3 standards is expected soon.

The program envisions that owners of these vehicles, upon surrendering them for recycling, will receive a subsidy of 2100 EUR for purchasing a younger used vehicle with EURO 6 standards.

During an appearance on the morning program of TANJUG television, Boris Ćorović, the Secretary-General of the Serbian Association of Vehicle Importers and Parts, emphasized that an initiative had been submitted to the relevant institutions to modify the program. The proposed change aims to allow owners of old diesel vehicles not only to buy younger used vehicles but also new ones.

It is believed that this modification would be correct from both an environmental protection standpoint and considering that the Association's members contributed nearly 40 million EUR to the Republic of Serbia's budget in 2022, as per official data from the Tax Administration.

Link: https://youtu.be/zBkSdw4pOX0

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