The 82nd Assembly of the Association of Vehicle and Parts Importers took place on August 30, 2012, at 3:00 PM at the Belgrade Fair in Belgrade.

Twenty members of the Serbian Association of Importers attended the session, while Škoda, Harley Davidson, Subaru, and Bosch were excused.

It was confirmed that a quorum was present, allowing the members to adopt the agenda for the 82nd Assembly.


1. Current issues (motor vehicle market conditions) and activity plan
2. Strategy for participation in trade fairs in Serbia
3. Election of Board members and President for the next year
4. Miscellaneous

The President informed the present members about current issues and the activity plan for the upcoming period. Achievements from the previous period were highlighted, including a report received from the Ministry of Interior (MUP) with data on newly registered vehicles for 2011 and the first six months of 2012.

The current issues discussed included the disordered motor vehicle market, legislation, and tax policies in Serbia, as well as the challenges faced by Association members. The members were informed about the work of the Board in the previous period and the efforts made to establish new contacts and define action plans after the formation of the new government.

The President emphasized that collaboration with the MUP has been established, and official data on newly registered vehicles in Serbia for 2011 and the first six months of 2012 have been obtained. These data cover all new vehicles registered in 2011, produced in the same year (first column), and all vehicles registered for the first time in 2011, regardless of the production year (second column).

The issue of pollution caused by older vehicles and the impact on air quality in urban areas was raised. The proposal was made to introduce a registration system based on Euro norms, where the registration fee for Euro 6 vehicles would be significantly lower than for Euro 3 vehicles.

Regarding motorcycle registration, the importers suggested a 6-month registration period corresponding to the period of motorcycle usage.
The second item on the agenda discussed the strategy for participating in trade fairs in Serbia. The members concluded that the presentation of importers in Serbia is disorganized and unsynchronized. The focus should be on international fairs, especially the Belgrade International Fair in 2013.

The third item on the agenda covered the election of Board members and the President of the Association. The President informed the assembly that the mandates of the Board and the President expire in November, and with the newly formed government, new leadership should be elected to negotiate with lawmakers effectively.

The conclusion was that the importers would exhibit only at the Belgrade International Fair under certain conditions.
After the assembly, electronic voting would take place to elect the new Board members and the President based on the representatives each company would nominate for the next term.