The 81st Assembly of the Serbian Association of Vehicle and Parts Importers took place on June 1, 2012, at the Hotel Jadran in Zobnatica.

Sixteen members of the Serbian Association of Importers attended the session, with two members, INTERMOTORS and KVIS, transferring their voting rights to other members. PORSCHE, EUROAUTO, BOSH, TOYOTA, TELETRADE, and HYUNDAI were excused for their absence.

The agenda for the 81st Assembly was adopted, and it was confirmed that a quorum was present. The meeting discussed various topics, including a presentation by Mr. Vladan Popović from the Traffic Safety Agency regarding the new regulations on vehicle classification with technical conditions for motor vehicles.

The president presented the goals and achievements of the association in the previous period and shared a report on its activities. The focus of the Serbian Association of Importers is on improving the position of all entities involved in importing motor vehicles and spare parts. The board of directors justified its existence by efficiently representing the interests of importers before state institutions in the regulation of economic and tax issues.

The assembly discussed the association's cooperation with the Belgrade Fair and analyzed the cancellation of the BG Car Show in 2012. The importance of starting negotiations early for the International Motor Show in Belgrade in 2013 was emphasized.

Another agenda item covered the new regulations on vehicle classification with technical conditions. Changes included the permitted blood alcohol level for drivers using official vehicles for personal transport, and winter tire usage regulations were also discussed.

The assembly concluded with an analysis of the motor vehicle market in Serbia, highlighting the need for alignment with Euro norms for both new and used vehicles. The announcement was made regarding the upcoming re-election of the President and members of the Board of Directors. The current period of economic challenges requires new ideas and people, and a reorganization of the association was considered timely. The importance of having an efficient board with fresh ideas, composed of directors or owners representing their companies, was emphasized to achieve better business conditions, proper tax policies, and a well-regulated motor vehicle market.

The assembly encouraged members to propose new candidates for the upcoming elections.