The 80th Assembly of the Serbian Association of Vehicle and Parts Importers took place on December 16, 2011, in Aranđelovac. The session was attended by 22 members, ensuring the necessary quorum for discussion and qualified decision-making.

As guests of the assembly, discussions involved Ms. Ljiljana Stanković, Assistant Minister of Trade, Dušica Đorđević, a legal expert in the Ministry, and Vladan Popović, Assistant Director of the Traffic Safety Agency.

Special emphasis was placed on the implementation of the Consumer Protection Act, particularly regarding the principle of conformity, the powers of the trade inspection, and the prevention of misuse of provisions. Representatives from the Ministry emphasized that the current law is in the process of harmonization with European Union standards, and any suggestions from the practical experience of vehicle and parts importers are welcome.

Vladan Popović, on behalf of the Traffic Safety Agency, presented the agency's work and functioning. Importers are often dependent on the agency's work, and there are many proposals to improve this collaboration. One issue discussed was the delay in obtaining documents such as homologation documentation and COC forms due to a flawed delivery process, which is beyond the agency's control and involves relevant ministries.

Popović agreed with the importers' initiative to introduce the EURO 4 standard for the import of used cars, as EURO 5 has already been introduced for passenger vehicles and EURO 6 for trucks.

The assembly also discussed the media presence of the Association in 2012, collaboration with journalists specializing in the automotive industry, and cooperation with the Association of Serbian Insurers on the issue of sending damaged vehicles under warranty to unauthorized services.

Association President Miloš Petrović informed the members about the work of the recently formed Group of Authorized Importers within the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia's Trade Association. Activities include harmonizing regulations on eco-taxes that came into effect on November 19, 2011, and particularly interest importers due to the provision imposing an additional charge of 12,000 dinars per ton of the vehicle.

One of the most important decisions of the Assembly was the unanimous agreement that the Association members will not exhibit at the BG CAR SHOW 2012. It was agreed to initiate negotiations with the Belgrade Fair for the organization of the International Motor Show in 2013 at the beginning of 2012.