Assembly of the Serbian Association of Vehicle and Parts Importers, held on March 29, 2019.

Eighteen members from the ranks of importers attended the assembly, including:

1. President of the Association, Miloš Petrović,
2. President of the Group at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia (PKS) and board member, Milan Vukasović
3. General Secretary of the Association, Boban Nikolić

Considering that the Association has 26 regular members, the present number ensured a quorum for the proceedings and decision-making.
The President of the Association, Miloš Petrović, opened the assembly with a proposed agenda, which was unanimously adopted.


1. Board activities between two assemblies,
   • Equalizing conditions for importing new and used vehicles,
   • Proposal to the Traffic Safety Agency regarding compensation payment to the Association for each imported vehicle, regardless of whether it is new or used,
   • Proposal to the Police Administration for changes in mandatory documentation during the first registration,
   • Board proposal to amend the Statute of the Serbian Association of Vehicle and Parts Importers,
   • Activation of frozen membership in the Association and admission of new members to the Association,
   • Miscellaneous

Discussion following each agenda item resulted in a decision to form working groups.

The first working group focuses on "Equalizing conditions for importing new and used vehicles," and the second on the "Proposal for amendments to the Statute."
With the President of the Association and board members, several Association members joined both working groups.

The assembly unanimously decided to activate the membership of the company Teletrade d.o.o. in the Association and to admit a new member, the company Interauto d.o.o.

Members of the Association from the ranks of motorcyclists informed the board about the increased interest of motorcycle and equipment importers who do not meet the membership requirements specified in the Statute. They expressed a desire to somehow participate in the work of some organs or sections of our Association. This topic will be discussed at upcoming board meetings.

List of new members of the Serbian Association of Vehicle and Parts Importers:

1. Auto Cacak
2. Avtonova KAB
3. British Motors
4. Burnout
5. Centar S
6. CTC Unit doo
7. Delta motors
8. Euro Sumar
9. Euroimpex Autogroup
10. FCA Srbija d.o.o. Kragujevac
11. Gevara doo
12. Grand Motors
13. Hyundai Srbija
14. Interauto-trade – new member
15. KIA auto
16. KOMPP Co
17. MASS Company
18. Mazda Central and South East Europe
19. Motogrini Gruppo
20. Opel Southeast Europe
21. PGS Motori
22. Porsche SCG
23. Renault-Nissan Srbija
24. Star Import
25. Subaru SCG
26. Teletrade doo – activated member
27. Toyota Srbija
28. Trion Motors