Press Release Following the Joint Press Conference of the Association, Belgrade Fair, and DDOR Osiguranje Regarding the Upcoming Fairs "DDOR BG Car Show" and "Motopassion"

The DDOR BG CAR SHOW 08 and 16th International Motorcycle, Quad, Scooter, and Equipment Fair "Motopassion" will take place at the Belgrade Fair from March 21 to 27. The Serbian Association of Vehicle and Parts Importers announced the participation of over 30 automobile and 22 motorcycle brands operated under the auspices of its members.

During the press conference held for the upcoming fair, it was highlighted that over 230 exhibitors will be showcasing to visitors, including financial institutions and insurance companies, professional organizations, clubs, associations, and specialized media. The fair is set to feature 34 automotive and 52 motorcycle premieres, along with 5 premieres in the ATV and tricycle sector.

On this occasion, the President of the Association, Aleksandra Đurđević, emphasized that the new car market grew by about 11% last year, while the motorcycle segment also saw growth of up to 38%. The growth trend has continued this year, with the car segment witnessing a 22% increase during the first two months, and the motorcycle segment over 60%.

She added that around 25,500 new vehicles were sold during the previous year, but the domestic market still predominantly revolves around used cars, emphasizing the importance of rejuvenating the vehicle fleet. She also noted that during 2023, Serbia imported as many as 73,000 used vehicles with EURO 3 and EURO 4 standards, which is three times more than the number of new cars sold. Đurđević welcomed the announced subsidies for recycling and added that they should be synchronized with the ban on importing vehicles with EURO 3 and EURO 4 engines to more effectively improve environmental and safety conditions.

Đurđević highlighted that the global auto industry has taken a clear stance towards electrification, emphasizing the importance of continuing incentives and development, especially in infrastructure, to catch up with more developed countries. Currently, electric cars represent only 1% of the total number of vehicles in Serbia.

She reminded that state subsidies from this year are exclusively intended for buyers of electric cars (amounting to 5,000 euros), however, the Association believes that incentives should also cover plug-in hybrid vehicles, which represent a natural progression from conventional to fully electric vehicles. The Serbian Association of Vehicle and Parts Importers also supported the recently announced plans by the Ministry of Construction, Transport, and Infrastructure regarding the expansion of charging station networks in our country, with a particular focus on the recent signing of agreements to transform 16 highway rest areas in Serbia into "green stations," which will result in the installation of 160 new fast-charging points across Serbia.


Belgrade, March 15, 2024.


Image: Serbian Association of Vehicle and Parts Importers