Minister of Environmental Protection, Goran Trivan, met today with a delegation from the Serbian Association of Vehicle and Parts Importers, led by the Association's President, Miloš Petrović.

The meeting focused on the issue of environmental taxes for motor vehicles and the possibilities of changing the system, establishing mechanisms to incentivize the import and use of newer motor vehicles in Serbia, thus enabling a reduction in air and environmental pollution.

The Association representatives highlighted the problem of the increasing use of vehicles over a decade old in Serbia and its concerning impact on the environment. They provided a vivid example, stating that one Euro 3 engine, common in many imported older used cars, pollutes the environment as much as 26 Euro 6 engines.

Minister Goran Trivan emphasized in the discussion that the Ministry of Environmental Protection is interested in solving all problems related to the preservation and protection of the environment. "One of the serious ecological problems in Serbia is the catastrophic air quality in many cities. The issue is not only with heating plants but also with traffic as one of the main causes of pollution that seriously endangers public health. Our interest is to fight for better air quality, and I am confident that everyone is interested in living in a better and cleaner Serbia," said the minister during the meeting. Considering that the air quality is seriously compromised in many urban environments due to the use of older vehicles, Minister Trivan expressed support for initiatives to find solutions that will encourage the import of newer vehicles and reduce the pressure on the environment as a whole.