On Thursday, July 14, an election session of the Vehicle and Parts Importers Group was held at the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia. Upon the initiative of the members, Milan Belin, the former president of the Serbian Association of Vehicle and Parts Importers, was elected as the president of the Group. The deputy president of the Group for this period will be Miloš Petrović.

In addition to the election proceedings, discussions took place regarding the goals and initiatives for achieving planned activities. Žarko Malinović, the secretary of the Trade Sector, announced the most important topic for the upcoming period, which is the accelerated electrification of vehicles and the offerings of all importers, i.e., manufacturers. This topic will be addressed in the coming period within the Group through a series of meetings, initiating support from local authorities through non-financial incentives for electrified vehicles, as well as initiatives related to expanding charging infrastructure.

The first in a series of meetings is planned with the new municipal leadership in Belgrade and then in Novi Sad.

During the meeting, the new service portal of the Cubeteam agency, which deals with market data analysis, was introduced. This portal will be offered to all members starting from September.

The Serbian Association of Vehicle and Parts Importers will continue to closely collaborate with the Vehicle and Parts Importers Group at the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia. In the upcoming period, there are plans for several joint activities focusing on education and initiating important dialogues in society related to the future and the development strategy of electromobility.