According to data processed by the Serbian Association of Vehicle Importers and Parts in collaboration with Cube Team. This number is 610 vehicles less than in 2022, indicating a slight decrease. However, when compared to 2021, when 152,803 used vehicles were imported into Serbia, there is a noticeable trend of decreasing used car imports.

Of concern is the fact that 55.4% of the total imported vehicles have engines that meet Euro 3 or Euro 4 emission standards (a total of 73,051 vehicles). Specifically, during 2023, Serbia imported 53,603 vehicles with Euro 4 engines produced between 2006 and 2010, and 19,448 vehicles older than 18 years, including 3,421 vehicles manufactured in 2002 or earlier. It's important to note that only 40 vehicles older than 30 years, classified as "classic cars," were imported.

Euro 3 and Euro 4 vehicles continue to be imported without restrictions, despite previous announcements of a ban on importing vehicles with these emission standards, which was supposed to take effect at the beginning of the year. There is currently no official confirmation of this ban.

Regarding emission standards, 29,403 used vehicles with Euro 5 engines (production starting in 2011) and 29,452 vehicles with Euro 6 engines (production starting in 2014) were imported.

Only 700 of the imported used vehicles were from 2022, 1,025 from 2021, and a significant number, 2,014 vehicles, were from 2020. The majority of vehicles with Euro 6 engines were produced in 2019 (4,788), while all other Euro 6 vehicles were older than five years.

Diesel-powered used cars remain dominant, constituting 64.5% of the total imports, while gasoline-powered cars make up 29.7%. Around 5.8% falls into the category of "other drive types," including approximately 200 purely electric used vehicles.

In terms of brands, Volkswagen was the most popular choice among buyers of used cars in 2023, with the Golf model leading the way. A total of 27,542 used vehicles from this German brand were registered in Serbia. Other popular brands include Audi (11,768), Opel (10,869), Peugeot (9,932), Renault (8,681), BMW (7,888), Fiat (7,516), Citroën (7,222), Mercedes (6,433), and Ford (6,428).

Fotografija: aleksandarlittlewolf on Freepik