Serbian Association of Vehicle and Parts Importers at the 17th International Conference "Traffic Safety in the Local Community"

Vrnjacka Banja, April 15 -
The Serbian Association of Vehicle and Parts Importers participated in the recently held International Conference "Traffic Safety in the Local Community," which took place in Vrnjacka Banja and is one of the most significant gatherings dedicated to traffic safety in the region.

As part of the panel discussion "Fleet in Serbia - State and Perspectives," moderated by Prof. Dr. Dusan Mladenovic and featuring representatives from the Traffic Safety Agency, Technical Inspection Association, DEKRA, Faculty of Traffic Engineering, Center for Electric Vehicles, the General Secretary of the Association, Aleksandra Graovac, presented current data on the market for new vehicles with a focus on the impact of global factors on new vehicle sales.

Highlighting the average age of the vehicle fleet at 17.4 years as a crucial factor for the overall traffic situation, Graovac addressed the almost constant number of used vehicles registered for the first time each year, which has amounted to 155,000 vehicles annually over the last three years. On the other hand, the sales of new two-wheelers are consistently rising, including the increasingly popular category L vehicles on four wheels. As importers, representing manufacturers, face various challenges in their business, Graovac drew attention to the necessity of a systemic solution for informing users of older vehicles about service campaigns regularly conducted by manufacturers through their authorized importers. This is seen as part of customer care, product quality preservation, and safety, regardless of the age of the vehicle and beyond the period of the manufacturer's warranty.

The panel discussion opened up many topics regarding possibilities to reduce the age of the vehicle fleet through synergistic efforts of the scientific community, companies, associations, and all relevant institutions. The age of the vehicle fleet directly affects traffic safety and air pollution.