Car Sales Increased in Serbia

In Serbia, the sale of passenger cars increased by about 11.65% in 2023 compared to 2022, while the sales of Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV) witnessed a decline of approximately 12.42%.

The most popular brand among passenger vehicles is "Škoda," while in the light commercial vehicle segment, "Fiat" continues to be unrivaled. The Bavarian giant "BMW" leads the list of best-selling luxury brands, including "Maserati," "Ferrari," and "Tesla."

According to data on the first registration of new vehicles (Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia and Cube team) in 2023, there was a significant increase in sales in the country. By the end of December last year, a total of 30,651 vehicles were delivered to customers, which is 1,816 more than the same period in 2022 when 28,835 new vehicles were on Serbian roads, representing a growth of 6.3%.

The highest number of vehicles was sold in June, with 3,233 units, while sellers had the fewest buyers in January when 1,561 vehicles were delivered. It is clear that the small number of working days in January contributed to this.

When combining the sales of passenger cars and LCV, the best sales result goes to "Škoda," with 5,834 vehicles reaching customers. In the second place of brands with the highest sales in these categories is "Toyota" with 2,546 sold passenger cars and LCV. The third is "Volkswagen" with 2,356, followed by "Fiat" with 2,016, and "Hyundai" with 1,872 delivered vehicles.

The French giant "Renault" is the sixth in sales with 1,746 vehicles, just ahead of "Dacia," chosen by 1,647 of our fellow citizens last year. "Citroen" is eighth on the list of best-selling brands in 2022 with 1,352 vehicles, and "Kia" is ninth with 1,300. The Bavarian giant "BMW" tops the tenth place on this list and leads the so-called luxury brands of the premium segment with 1,185 sold vehicles.

There is no reason for dissatisfaction for "Mercedes" with 1,120 sold vehicles and "Audi" with 1,086. sold vehicles.

Passenger Car Sales

In 2023, passenger car sales increased by a respectable 11.65% compared to 2022. 25,422 cars were sold, which is 2,637 more than the previous year (22,785 in 2022). The best-selling brand is again "Škoda" with 5,533 delivered cars. Following are "Toyota" with 2,239, "Hyundai" with 1,855, "Volkswagen" with 1,789, "Dacia" with 1,603, "Renault" with 1,477, "Kia" with 1,300, "BMW" with 1,185, "Audi" with 1,086, and "Mercedes" with 904.

LCV Sales Decline

Light Commercial Vehicles were highly sought after in 2022, with 6,050 units sold. In the past year, 751 fewer vehicles were sold - 5,299. This represents a decline of about 12.42%. "Fiat," a brand that has been at the top of LCV sales in our market for years, sold the most of these vehicles in 2023. Fiat sold 1,294 vehicles, ahead of "Citroen" in second place with 832 and "Volkswagen" in third with 567.

Overall Sales of All Types of Vehicles on the Rise

In the past year, a total of 38,217 vehicles of all types were sold in Serbia. This is an increase of 1,021 compared to the previous year (37,196). The most cars sold were passenger cars - 25,422. Light Commercial Vehicles were 5,299. 3,440 motorcycles, 1,120 mopeds, 1,767 commercial vehicles, and 1,239 heavy quadricycles were also sold.

Increasing Popularity of Supercars

Last year in Serbia, as many as 180 "Porsches" were sold, along with 33 "Maseratis," 16 "Jaguars," 11 "Bentleys," 7 "Ferraris," 3 "Lamborghinis," one "Aston Martin," and 15 "Teslas."

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